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Bus national routes in Spain

You can travel by bus throughout Spain with bus national routes which are exclusive of companies such as Vibasa, Alsina and Requenense.

With Vibasa, entertainment guaranteed

Vibasa travellers will find the time flies by thanks to the different entertainment options available on board. Monbus has installed individual screens in every seat and further electronic devices which you can enjoy a pleasant and fun journey.

  • long distance
  • long distance

Vibasa Maximun Line: Maximum comfort at the minimum price in long distance trips throughout Spain

A long trip by bus is not necessarily an uncomfortable one and Vibasa users are aware of this. Nowadays with Monbus is much safer, much more comfortable and much cheaper to travel throughout Spain. By means of the new buses of Maximun category, distances “are reduced” thanks to the last technological advances and to the most modern equipment.

  • long distance
  • long distance

Main routes and destinations of interest

  • National Routes

Monbus manages several long distance transport services throughout Spain: Barcelona-San Sebastian, Vigo - Bilbao, Barcelona - Pamplona, Seville-Algeciras and many more exclusive routes which establish connections with ten Spanish autonomous communities.

Below we show you a representative sample of our long distance transport services by bus and coach in Spain. Click on the route you are interested in and you will be able to buy tickets, check schedules and display the itinerary in our interactive map. You can also choose some of our frequent destinations and examine all the transport connections Monbus offers you.

Basque Country - Navarre - Catalonia Main routes to Barcelona, Salou from: Lleida

San Sebastián Irun Pamplona
San Sebastián - Barcelona
San Sebastián - Lleida
San Sebastián - Salou
Irun - Barcelona
Irun - Lleida
Irun - Salou
Pamplona - Barcelona
Pamplona - Lleida
Pamplona - Salou

Galicia - Navarre - Basque Country – Catalonia Main routes to Barcelona, Bilbao, Pamplona, San Sebastián from: Vitoria

Pontevedra Vigo Ourense Verin
Pontevedra - Barcelona
Pontevedra - Bilbao
Pontevedra - Pamplona
Pontevedra - San Sebastián
Pontevedra - Vitoria
Vigo - Barcelona
Vigo - Bilbao
Vigo - Pamplona
Vigo - San Sebastián
Vigo - Vitoria
Ourense - Barcelona
Ourense - Bilbao
Ourense - Pamplona
Ourense - San Sebastián
Ourense - Vitoria
Verin - Barcelona
Verin - Bilbao
Verin - San Sebastián
Verin - Vitoria

Andalucía - Castile and Leon - Community of Madrid Main routes to Sevilla from:

Algeciras Jerez Baena
Algeciras - Sevilla

Jerez - Sevilla

Baena - Sevilla

Andalucía - Castile and Leon - Aragon - Catalonia Main routes to Barcelona from: Saragossa

Moraleja Aranda de Duero Salamanca Soria
Moraleja - Barcelona Aranda de Duero - Barcelona Salamanca - Barcelona
Salamanca - Saragossa
Soria - Barcelona

Castilla la Mancha - Valencian Community Main routes to Valencia, Cuenca, Villarrobledo, Utiel, Requena from: San Clemente

Albacete Cuenca Villarrobledo Tomelloso

With Monbus you can travel to many other destinations of Spain you might be interested in. Be surprised with all our offer of road passenger regular transport services examining the interactive map.


Castilla la Mancha

Valencian Community

Community of Madrid