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Renting: an integral service of car renting without driver

Empresa Monforte Renting was born in the year 2005, convinced that it would be possible to offer a quality service to our customers, thanks to the knowledge of the car sector and to the business structure of Monbus.

All along these years we have been growing from the hand of our customers, which has allowed us to become an obvious and firm alternative to everybody who is looking for an efficient, close and accessible service of fleet management.

Monbus offers a long-term complete renting service of fleets of commercial, industrial, sport utility and private cars. Convenient and profitable solutions adapted to the customer are designed, which apart from implying tax and time saving, they include all the necessary services to the start-up and optimum working of the car


  • Buy and sale services
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Maintenance of the vehicles
  • Repairs
  • Tyre replacement
  • Tax payment
  • Payment and management of MOT
  • Roadside assistance
  • Fine management
  • Accident management


  • Removal and delivery of the vehicle for maintenance and repair tasks
  • Supply of replacement cars

Long and short-term vehicle renting without driver

Long-term vehicle renting (Renting)

We offer a personalized, long-term car renting service for Public Bodies, companies and individuals

We design services adapted to all budgets and necessities. It doesn't matter if it is a commercial vehicle or the car of a manager

The established period for a long-term Renting contract is usually around a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5.

Short- term renting of vehicles

It includes all the necessary services for all kind of vehicles: industrial, 4x4 and private cars... in periods which can cover from an only day to the number of months you decide.

We have a vehicle fleet which is no more than three years old, in perfect condition and maintenance.


Together with all the services which Renting contracts include, we offer you other solutions in order for your company to benefit from them:

Control and monitoring of the fleet in real time

  • policía local

Our advanced service of GPS location will help you to have a total control of the fleet:

  • Don't lose sight of the geographic location of each vehicle in real time and always you need it.
  • Identify the routes and obtain reports of the fleet monitoring.
  • Set complete notification systems in an easy way in function of the arrival and departure time or of the parking in concrete locations, etc.

Fuel saving plan

  • ahorro de ahorro de combustible

By means of this optional package you will be able to extract personalized, monthly reports to evaluate the efficiency in the driving of your staff, on the basis of different criteria (engine treatment, idle time, braking, etc).

You will also be able to choose training services for drivers by means of which you will be able to pay attention to critical aspects to maximise fuel saving (over 15% in some cases).

Consultancy services. Personalized comprehensive consultancy

  • consultoría

Contact us to receive comprehensive consultancy personalized for you.

We analyse the necessities of your company and we propose you an strategic solution according to your expectations.


You can contact directly to Monbus Renting Department through the following ways:

Phone number: +34 982 29 29 04 Fax number: +34 982 81 05 08 Email:

You can also ask for a personalized budget filling out the following form