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San Fermin (Pamplona)

The most international, wild and mass festivity par excellence in Spain is near. You are probably dreaming about listening to the mythical chupinazo, the starting signal for 9 days of unparalleled fun. No doubt you can already feel the swinging, the heat and the joy that transmits the human tide which fills the Consistorial Square with the colours white and red.

The celebration dates back to the Middle Ages and its world famous is partly due to the great Ernest Hemingway, great defender of the event outside our borders.  This is a festivity that is fully lived along the streets, with music, happiness, joy, spirits, popular musical groups, groups of supporters, runs of bulls and much fun.

The celebration starts at 12:00h, 6th July, with the loud noise the famous chupinazo causes. The explosion of this handmade rocket makes people explode with joy and it is then when people after all put the red scarf around their necks to the cry of: “¡Viva San Fermín! ¡Gora San Fermín!” The wild party starts…

Another of the main acts of the Sanfermines are the well-known runs of bulls, which consist of leading the herd of bulls and bell-oxes from the corrals of Santo Domingo to the square. The tension, the emotion, the sense of danger as well as the nerves are evident in the minutes before the bulls start their race among the corridors along barely a kilometre the walk lasts. It is a tradition that the young men from Pamplona invoke the Saint Justo just before the start, with a song which is repeated up to three times to ask for his protection during the walk, a really shocking moment.

The famous riau riau is another important act of this celebration. The lot of singers of this popular group makes a distance of less than five hundred metres take several hours to be completed.

The cavalry (zaldikos), the giants and big-heads (kikilis), the fireworks, the groups of supporters, the concert of the choral of the chamber of Pamplona, the procession of the saint, the bullfights and a lot of activities complete the offer of this celebration, of epic proportions.

The sadness will seize your hearts while you listen to “Pobre de mí”, which will put an end to this edition. We should wait for the chupinazo of the following year. However, it was not all bad news since you will be able to spend your return travel resting calmly, because Monbus is in charge of your travel.

¡A Pamplona hemos de ir!... and with Monbus you will travel in an easy, comfortable, safe and cheap way. Monbus takes you to Pamplona by bus of regular line from Barcelona (Sants) o Barcelona (Nord), from TarragonaSalou o Lleida. There are many other combinations. Discover all our routes to Pamplona. You may prefer to travel the way you want with your group of friends and hire a occassional tailored service or rent a car.

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