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Monbus mobilized against climate change

Monbus wants to reinforce its commitment with the environment, sustainable mobility and quality. Monbus has decided to join the initiative called “one million of commitments to avoid climate change”. This new idea comes from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Nature and ECODES to mobilize civil services, private companies, social entities, medias and citizens. The global celebration of this new idea will take place on Saturday, 24 October.

One million of commitments to avoid climate change focuses on making people aware of their habits to avoid the emission of greenhouse gases. One million is the symbolic number of  commitments, expected to be show at the United Nations Conference on December 2015, in Paris. The goal of this project (COP21) is create a new international climate agreement between 198 countries to replace Kyoto Protocol.

Saving natural resources

The correct maintenance of our electrical systems: LED lights, presence detectors, switches for zoning areas, use daylight sensors in areas with natural light, minimize the use of stand by mode, purchase household appliances labelled as Class A, installation of thermal insulation and use the energy-saving mode of the electronic equipment . These are some of the measures that Monbus has adopted to reduce the energy consumption.

Related to water-saving, Monbus has installed water saving devices, irrigation systems for gardens, segregation systems and reuse of water. Besides, the design of our gardens has been modified to reduce the energy consumption for its maintenance.

Energy Efficient Driving

The main goal is save up to 15% on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. For this reason, Monbus has purchased monitoring systems to save energy and, we have also trained our employees in matters of efficient driving habits. Optimising transport routes is another big bet of our company to manage the bus fleet under constant renovation.


Our company uses products and raw materials made from recycled materials; reuses waste materials in production processes; separates and recycles waste, establishes ecodesign systems to minimize the use of resources to facilitate recycling and, finally,  optimizes paper use.

Reducing carbon footprint

Minimise the use of raw materials and products to reduce CO2 emissions Promote the use of public transport.Establish videoconference system to avoid unnecessary travel. Require suppliers carbon footprint of their products.Work with local suppliers. 

Optimise logistic systems Besides, Monbus works in different ideas, not only to reduce carbon footprint, but also to compensate the emission and, finally achieve a greater environmental involvement. This compensation will be one of the commitments that Monbus wants to assume to make a success of the climate change initiative.