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Monbus provides the basis for energy savings

As usual for several years, 21st October is celebrated the World Energy Saving Day. A day to raise awareness among population about the necessity to reduce the energy consumption. For that reason, Monbus revises its policies, mechanisms implemented and its expectations of improvement.

On energy matters, Monbus has obtained the ISO 50001 certified, Energy management system. It is an international standard that provides the requirements to manage and reduce energy consumption which means a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gasesMost of the energy resources come from fossil fuels which produces emissions of greenhouse gases.

Among mechanisms adopted in our enterprise are:

  1. Illumination: LED illumination system in part of the building, switches for zoning areas, daylight sensors, presence detectors, among others.
  2. Installation of thermal insulation.
  3. Energy Star labelled equipment.

In terms of transport service:

  1. Implementation of efficient driving techniques.
  2. Replacement of bus fleet; natural gas vehicle and buses according to the Euro VI regulation.
  3. Led lights inside of the buses, headlamps, destination information screens.

All the information provided above is part of our commitment with  different goals like: LED lights and replacement of household appliances labelled as Class A, among others.

Besides, Monbus shows its commitment with the environment.  This time Monbus promotes  the energy efficiency in managing our main business lines.