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Monbus will close 2015 with 57 new buses

Following the policy of continuous renewal of fleet developed over the last years, Monbus would incorporated a total of 57 new vehicles at the end of 2015. To the 37 vehicles that have been already delivered, are added 20 new vehicles which are being fitted-out in order to the users can enjoy their modern equipment.  

About security, the new vehicles include an advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) oriented to braking front to immobile obstacles or in motion, the detector of rail or SPA system and seat belts.

In order to provide a more comfortable service for the passengers the new vehicles have poliskin head and extra foam, plugs and USB connection on each seat, free Wi-Fi service, individual LED illumination, fridge and wide WC toilets, etc., elements which contribute to create a very pleasant experience of journey.

On its strong bet to offer a service with superior quality staying all the time ahead, Monbus has integrated as a part of its fleet the first units of buses with big capacity Castrosua Stellae with a length of 15 metres, maximum capacity for 71 passengers. These vehicles are really accessible, with reserved seats for  persons with reduced mobility on wheelchair  (PMRSR). On every cases the measures between seat respect the legal conditions. As well, models as the Noge Touring HD 12960 with chassis Mercedes Benz OC500 and the minibuses Mercedes - Benz Sprinter with body Nogebus, which count as well with access and space reserved for PMRSR, as well as Gobel Evo 18 elevator, evidence the worry of the company to provide a service adapted to the needs of every passenger.

In addition, completing this first remittance of buses are the models Mercedes - Benz Tourismo 16RHD, perfectly equipped for long distance journeys, as well as the models Mercedes - Benz Citaro K  intended for urban service.   

That way, Monbus, with those new acquisitions consolidate strongly itself as one of the companies of transportation that has one of the youngest fleets of Spain, with an impressing average age of a year for the vehicles that provide the occasional services, a remarkable average under the 2 years for the renting of vehicles without driver and an important average near the 7 years for the vehicles which provide regular services.