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1991 children saw “Obra” at the Monbus Zone

The supporters of Río Natura Monbus Obradoiro had been able to enjoy one season more their team on the Endesa League with the sponsorship of Monbus, which also has enabled that 1991 minors accessed to the Multipurpose Fontes do Sar of Santiago de Compostela, benefiting from special offers on the price of the tickets and on the service of transportation.

During 15 days, a total of 42 collectives among training clubs high schools and other associations, has benefiting from the “Monbus Zone”. This initiative permitted hundreds of young people from the four provinces of Galicia and also Portugal, to attend the matches of their team at this special harrow on an affordable way accompanied by their parents, teachers, or trainers.

The “Monbus Zone” is a harrow of the Multipurpose Fontes do Sar (Santiago de Compostela) destined to diverse collectives from Galicia. Monbus, assigns a part from the sponsorship to reserve a part of the seating capacity (concretely at Tribune 2 South) with reduced prices for the basketball clubs, schools, sports schools and different associations.

The tickets are from 10 € for children of the reserve (under the age of 18) to  15 euros for people of legal age. Monbus also makes available to the club a free 55 seats bus, for transfer them the day of the match from their place of origin to the Multipurpose Fontes do Sar, and return home from Santiago de Compostela.  

The promotion serves the double function of transfer the children to the spectacle that the elite basketball offers on one of the most important professional leagues of the world (Endesa League), and instill the youth the values of the sport:

- Encourage the sport and the sports practice.
- Promote the health and healthy lifestyle.
- Universal values, as respect, teamwork and the culture of effort.

José Luis Mateo, general director of the team, has value this  Monbus Zone as a success, because “it has permitted almost two thousand children, most of them from other cities, to attend almost one match of the Endesa League at a reduced price. The Club of companies Obradoiro has among one of its purposes, as well as provide added value and act as vehicle of promotion and communication for the sponsorships, start projects and initiatives up from which the supporters can benefit, as it has happened with the Monbus Zone”. The responsible has announced the intention of the club to “can repeat it the next season, reviewing the offers and making it more attractive even further, for the collectives who might be interested”.

In addition of the co-sponsorship of the basketball team and this special harrow, Monbus has implement during this season several draws on the Facebook of the company with the hashtag #MonbusObradoiro. The last of these initiatives has permitted that a supporter collects, from the recently named best triple jumper of the Endesa League, Alberto Corbacho, his t-shirt signed by all the team.

Since its beginnings Monbus has been very closely linked to the sporting world, sponsoring diverses clubs of football, basketball, roller hockey, etc.; promoting that way the values of the sport and contributing to boost different social and sportive projects of local or national area.