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The Río Natura Monbus overcomes the Unicaja

On a day marked by the tribute to the big captain Oriol Junyent, the Río Natura Monbus Obradoiro offered to its supporters a great match, which finished with a just victory to the Unicaja of Málaga, thanks to a second part for the history books and to Waczynski, who consolidate himself as one of the most remarkable players of the second round.

With watery eyes and with a devoted audience, Oriol Junyent said that “to every athlete the fact that his T-shirt is removed is a very special moment. Thank you for letting me be a member of this family. You are the best supporters of Spain. Good Bye!”. The T-shirt number 15 from yesterday, is on the part of the patrimony of the Multipurpose- hall do Sar and its supporters.

On the sportive field, the Unicaja marked a vertiginous time at the first time, with Ryan Toolson hurting at the perimeter. Kleber with a colossal dunk, after rebound arouse fervour the public of the Multipurpose- hall Fontes do Sar.

Later the intense fight took hold of the match, with the injury on an eye of Alberto Corbacho as a negative point. Waczynski assumed the weight of the match against a doubtful Unicaja, until get that the team from Santiago win with fantastic numbers: 24 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, with a total of 30 points of valuation.

The final result, Río Natura Monbus Obradoiro 78 - Unicaja 66, puts the Obradoiro on its triumph number fourteen, getting that way the second best register of its history, in the absence of three matches for the final of the regular phase of the league and with the objective of the permanence guaranteed.