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Protocol of the shared transport in Galicia

Given the imminent start of the school year in Galicia, the Government of Galicia has announced the protocol of preventive measures concerning COVID-19 in the shared public transport services. 

It is a series of guidelines to follow when accessing the bus, during the journeys and upon arrival at the schools. The protocol also addresses the arrangement on board the vehicles of the different users who can access the service.

When getting on the bus 

Access to the bus will be through the front door, maintaining a safe distance always. All users must sanitize their hands with hydroalcoholic gel when boarding the bus.

Schoolchildren will enter first and will be placed at the back of the vehicle, occupying the seats from the back to the front. Students will always try to occupy the same seats and travel with the same companion. In the case of those who live in the same house, they will be able to travel together.  

For their part, general users will occupy the free seats located in the front area of the vehicle 

In the case of shared transport, the area to be occupied by students and the area for passengers must be differentiated by a row of empty seats 

All persons travelling on board the vehicle must always wear a mask and carry their belongings (rucksack, coats, etc.) during the journey, avoiding the use of shared spaces and contact with objects belonging to other passengers. 

Orderly exit 

The departure of the bus will be through the front door, also maintaining the safety distance and in the opposite way to the ascent starting from the front seats and ending from the rear ones. 

All users will have to use again the hydroalcoholic gel to clean their hands and then follow the indications of the protocol of action of the school for the wait and access to the facilities. 

More security 

Apart from the measures proposed by the administrations, Monbus wanted to strengthen the safety protocols by signing an agreement with the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Studies (ICM) for the conduct of mass tests to all driving staff and accompanying persons involved in school transport. 

For more information, users can contact us by phone (93 339 63 63), email ( or social networks (FacebookTwitter and Instagram).