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Changes in Monbus services

Monbus is closely following the evolution of the current health situation and the recommendations received from public administrations. This is why the status of the services is constantly being updated. 

At the expense of the alert evolution that the country is going through and the measures taken by the public administrations, this situation will continue at least until May 10.

04/27/2020 - 00:00 | Long-distance services suspended

All the long-distance lines made by Monbus are currently suspended due to the health alert.


04/27/2020 - 00:00 | Cancelled services (VAC-247) 

All the lines of the VAC-247 Aldeanueva del Camino - Madrid concession are currently cancelled: 

  • Aldeanueva del Camino - Madrid 
  • Linares de Riofrío - Madrid 
  • Piedrahíta - Linares de Riofrío 
  • El Barco de Ávila - Ávila 
  • Piedrahíta - Madrid (directo) 
  • El Barco de Avila - Piedrahíta 


27/04/2020 - 00:00 | Modification of line 12 of Urbanos de Lugo  

Line 12 (Special University) will be cancelled from Monday 27 April, and a new route will be created to reinforce the services of lines 9 and 9A. The new route will be as follows: 

Praza do Rei - San Roque - Ronda Muralla (Sindicatos) - Avda. Coruña - Claveles - Avda. Benigno Rivera - As Termas - Avda. Industria - Terminal Mercancías - Rúa Transportes - Rúa Industria - Rúa Canteiros - Rúa Artesanos - Avda. Benigno Rivera - Claveles - Avda. Coruña - Ronda Muralla (Obras Publicas) - Rúa Vilalba - Ramón Ferreiro - Praza do Rei 

The first departure of this line will be at 7:30h from Praza do Rei and the last departure will be at 22:00h from the Terminal de Mercancías, with the end of the line at Ronda Muralla (Obras Públicas). 


14/04/2020 - 18:00 | Timetable update in Ferrol and Pontevedra  

Timetables of the current concessions in Ferrol and Pontevedra have been updated on the website and can be checked here.  


14/04/2020 - 16:00 | Cancellations in the services between Pontevedra and Vigo  

From April 16th, the following services between Pontevedra and Vigo are cancelled: 

  • 9:00h Pontevedra - Redondela - Vigo 
  • 11:00h Vigo - Redondela - Pontevedra 


13/04/2020 - 13:30 | Status of long-distance services

The line between Barcelona and Irun is, at the moment, the only long-distance service that is still operating with the following timetables:  

  • From Tuesday 14 April, departures from Irun to Barcelona will be on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 10.45 pm.  
  • From Wednesday 15 April, the departures from Barcelona to Irun will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 08:45 am.  


13/04/2020 - 12:00 | Restoration of the urban service of Lugo 

Urban services of Lugo will be back to normal from Tuesday 14th April. All the lines will be back to their usual timetables. 


06/04/2020 - 21:00 | Restoration of the service Igualada - Barcelona  

Services between Igualada and Barcelona have been restored after the completion of the confinement of the municipalities of Conca d'Òdena. Current timetables can be checked here


04/06/2020 - 19:00 | Services on demand at VAC-247  

From next Thursday, April 9th, all the lines of the VAC-247 Aldeanueva del Camino - Madrid concession will be on demand: 

  • Aldeanueva del Camino - Madrid 
  • Linares de Riofrío - Madrid 
  • Piedrahíta - Linares de Riofrío 
  • El Barco de Ávila - Ávila 
  • Piedrahíta - Madrid (directo) 
  • El Barco de Avila - Piedrahíta 

Users must call 682 12 60 17 and indicate the origin and destination stops.  Both requests and cancellations must be notified 24 hours in advance. 


06/04/2020 - 18:00 | On-demand service between Seville and Las Navas

The services Las Navas - Seville from 7:30 am and Seville - Las Navas from 3:30 pm, both from Monday to Friday, will be on demand from 7 April. Users interested in travelling have to call 680 70 40 34 24 hours in advance. 


31/03/2020 - 18:00 | Cancellation of urban services of Lugo  

From April 2nd, the following lines of the urban service are cancelled: 

  • Line 1A: Acea de Olga - A Piringalla 
  • Line 3: Fingoi - Ramil 
  • Line 5: Campiña - Abella (Casás) 
  • Line 7: Campus - As Gándaras 
  • Line 10: Campus - Frigsa (San Rafael) 
  • Line 12: Especial Campus Universitario 

In addition, the following lines will be modified:  

  • Line 11 (Bóveda - Pías - Calde - Nadela) will not run on Saturday mornings.  
  • Line 14 (Ronda da Muralla - Fervedoira - HULA) will make a small change in its route from the hospital to the city centre to provide service to the areas of O Ceao, Campiña and Muxa. 
  • Line 14B (HULA Special) will only provide services to and from the hospital. Services to the hospital will be at 07:10, 14:15 and 21:15, while the departures to the city center will be at 08:20, 15:20 and 22:20. 


03/30/2020 - 13:00 | Services of Barcelona - Irun line  

The line between Barcelona and Irun is, at the moment, the only long-distance service that is still in operation. This line will suffer punctual cancellations between 30 March and 14 April:  

• Barcelona - San Sebastián - Irún: daily departure at 08:45h (except on 2, 5, 7 and 11 April)  

• San Sebastian - Barcelona: daily departure at 23:15h (except 1st, 4th, 6th and 10th April)  


25/03/2020 - 19:00 | Update of the services of Andalusia   

Andalusia's services have been updated. The timetables available on the lines that connect Seville with Algeciras, Arahal, Baena, Écija, Estepa, Las Navas, Marchena and Guadalcanal can be checked on this link.   


25/03/2020 - 18:00 | Status of long-distance services  

Due to the health alert and the low occupancy rate, Monbus has reduced its long-distance services. As a result, the following departures have been suspended:  

- Pontevedra - Barcelona: 15:00h (Friday and Sunday)  

- Barcelona - Pontevedra: 08:45h (Saturday and Monday)  

- Salamanca - Barcelona: 20:30h (Friday and Sunday)  

- Barcelona - Salamanca: 08:45h (Saturday and Monday)  

As a result, only these daily services between Barcelona and Irun are still active:  

-Barcelona - Donosti - Irun: 08:45  

- Irun - Donosti - Barcelona: 22:45h  


24/03/2020 - 18:00 | Timetable update in Ferrol, Pontevedra and Vigo

Timetables of current concessions in Ferrol, Pontevedra and Vigo has been updated on the website and you can check them here.


23/03/2020 - 16:30 | More expeditions to HULA   

Services between Sarria and Lugo have been increased with two new expeditions to Lucus Augusti Hospital (HULA) from Monday to Friday:    

Sarria - HULA: 14:10h   

- HULA - Sarria: 22:20h   


23/03/2020 - 16:00 | Barcelona - Salamanca line cancelled 

Due to the health alert and the low occupancy rate, Monbus has proceeded to block the sale and cancel the services between Barcelona - Salamanca in both directions from Monday 23 March to Saturday 4 April, both inclusive.   


23/03/2020 - 00:00 | Update on Maldeasa's services  

Aldeanueva del Camino - Madrid: on this line the stops of Aldeanueva del Camino, Hervás, Baños de Montemayor, Santibáñez de Béjar and Puente de Congosto will be made on demand, by calling 682 12 60 17, 24 hours in advance. In this way, the services would be as follows:  

- Béjar - Madrid: Monday to Friday at 7:15 am, Saturdays at 10:15 am and Sundays at 4:45 pm  

- Madrid - Béjar: Monday to Saturday at 16:00h and Sundays at 10:50h  

 Linares de Riofrío - Madrid: all stops between Linares de Riofrío and Piedrahíta will be on demand, after calling 682 12 60 17, 24 hours in advance. From Piedrahíta the trip to Madrid could be made at the following times:

- Madrid - Piedrahíta Fridays at 16:00  

- Piedrahíta - Madrid Sundays at 17:40h  

El Barco de Ávila - Ávila: there will be a daily service.  

- Monday to Friday: departure at 7:45h and return at 17:30h  

- Saturdays: departure at 10:45h and return at 17:30h  

- Sundays: departure at 17:15h and return at 12:30h  

Piedrahíta - Madrid (direct): the direct service between Piedrahíta and Madrid has been cancelled.

El Barco de Avila - Piedrahíta: there will be a daily service.  

- Monday to Friday: departure at 7:45h and return at 18:20h  

- Saturdays: departure at 10:45am and return at 6:20pm  

- Sundays: departure at 17:15h and return at 13:20h  


19/03/2020 - 12:30 | Update of Hispano Igualadina services: 

New schedules can be consulted below:  

• Manresa - Olesa  - Barcelona

• Barcelona - Igualada (por El Bruc)

• Barcelona - Capellades - Igualada

• Igualada - UAB Bellaterra

• Tarragona - Reus

• Gandesa - Tarragona 

• Reus – Mont-Roig – Pratdip

• Guissona - Barcelona

• Guimerà - Barcelona 

• Lleida - Tarragona

• Igualada - Tarragona

• Esparreguera - Martorell

• Valls - Barcelona

• Vilafranca – Barcelona


18/03/2020 - 20:20 | Timetable update in the area of Pontevedra   

Check new schedules in the following links: 

 XG624: Soutomaior con Pontevedra y Vigo

• XG625: Pontevedra – Bueu – Cangas – Vigo con anexos 

• XG626: O Grove – Pontevedra con anexos

• XG627: O Grove – Vilagarcía con anexos 

• XG628: Metropolitano de Pontevedra 


18/03/2020 - 18:00 | March 19, regional holiday in some communities: 

Monbus reminds its travellers that, apart from the health alert, this Thursday 19th March is a regional holiday in some communities. If you need to travel, timetables can be checked here here.


18/03/2020 - 08:00 | Shared Bus services in the province of Lugo are now on demand

Shared bus services are now on demand. Users must call 988 68 78 00 and indicate the origin and destination stops to the operator, who will inform them of the available times. Both requests and cancellations must be notified the day before.   

Schedules of the affected concessions can be consulted in the following links:   

• XG 648:  Monforte de Lemos - Sarria - Lugo, with annexes   

• XG 649Chantada region   

• XG 677:  Region of Terra de Lemos     

• XG 680: Begonte - Rábade, with annexes    

• XG 681 Aranga - Guitiriz and Begonte - Outeiro de Rei, with annexes    

• XG 717Municipality of Quiroga and Ribas de Sil     

• XG 720:  Castro de Rei - Outeiro de Rei, with annexes    

• XG 724:   O Incio - Sarria, with annexes    

• XG 727:  Sarria - Láncara, with annexes    

• XG 728: Municipality of Chantada   

• XG 732Lugo - O Corgo, with annexes    

• XG 743Municipalities of Pantón and Sober    


18/03/2020 - 00:00 | Reduction in concession XG517 (A Coruña - Santiago de Compostela - Pontevedra - Vigo - Fisterra, with annexes)

Check new schedules in the following link


17/03/2020 - 00:00 | Reduction of services in the lines of Galicia, Andalusia and Levante

In accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 463/2020 of 14 March, which declares the STATE OF ALARM, and in order to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 virus, the services on the lines of Galicia, Andalusia and Levante are reduced. The timetables can be checked at the following link.  


16/03/2020 - 16:30 | Programming of long-distance services  

Monbus long-distance services have been established according to the following timetables:  

•  Barcelona - San Sebastian: daily at 08:45h from Barcelona Nord  

•  San Sebastian - Barcelona: daily departure at 23:15h  

•  Barcelona - Salamanca: Mondays and Saturdays at 08:45h from Barcelona Nord  

• Salamanca - Barcelona: departure at 20:30h Friday and Sunday   

•  Barcelona - Pontevedra: Mondays and Saturdays and Mondays at 08:45h from Barcelona Nord  

•  Pontevedra - Barcelona: departure at 3:00pm Friday and Sunday  


16/03/2020 - 14:00 | Services suspended with origin and destination Ourense  

The following services, corresponding to XG-614 and XG-623, have been cancelled for this Monday, March 16:  

•  Ourense - Lugo 19:20 | - Lugo - Ourense 18:45  

•  Ourense - Vigo 20:45 | - Vigo - Ourense 19:00  

•  Ourense - Verín 10:15 and 15:05 | - Verín - Ourense 12:00 and 18:15 

15/03/2020 - 21:00 |  Sevilla - Marchena line cancelled

Bus service at 19.30h from Sevilla to Arahal -  Paradas - Marchena has been cancelled on 16th March.


15/03/2020 - 11:00 | Cancellation of the service Pontevedra - Barcelona 

The service at 15.00h between Pontevedra and Barcelona this Sunday, March 15 has been cancelled. Monbus reminds that passengers who have already bought their ticket for any of the cancelled services may request a refund of the amount of their ticket or, if the possibility exists, they may be relocated to the services that are still running. 


14/03/2020 - 11:00 | Cancellation of the service Reus - Andorra and suspension of services in Andalusia 

In Catalonia, the Reus - Andorra - Reus connection has been suspended. 

In Andalusia, services El Viar – Seville at 6.30h and Seville - Las Navas at 17.30 will be suspended from Monday 16 March. 


13/03/2020 - 14:00 | School and university services have been cancelled 

In Galicia, shared bus services (integrated services) will be provided under non-school day conditions while the teaching activity is suspended. 

In addition, due to the suppression of university classes, Ribeira - Vigo, Vigo - Pontevedra University and Pontevedra - Torrecedeira services have been suspended. 


13/03/2020 - 13:00 | Access prohibited to the area of Igualada 

In the area of Igualada services have also been affected by the removal of the stops in the towns of Igualada, Ódena, Vilanova del Camí and Santa Margarida de Montbui: 

  Line Igualada - Barcelona by Capellades only goes to Capellades and from there it returns to Barcelona.  

  Line Igualada - Barcelona by Bruc goes to Castellolí.    

  Line Igualada - Ódena - Igualada is cancelled.    

 Line Barcelona - Guissona does not stop in Igualada, the rest of the route is covered as normal. 


13/03/2020 - 12:00 | Cancellations in long distance services 

The services that will be affected are the following: 

• Irun - San Sebastian - Barcelona: all midday services are suspended (14:40 Barcelona - San Sebastian and 13:10/ 15:10 Irun - San Sebastian - Barcelona)  

• Salamanca - Barcelona: Friday and Sunday services are maintained in both directions (departure at 8:30pm and return at 8:45am). The rest of the services are suspended.  

 Salamanca - Moraleja and Salamanca - Coria: all services are suspended.  

•  Pontevedra - Barcelona and Pontevedra - Irún: only services on Fridays and Sundays in both directions. The rest are suspended.   

Passengers who have already purchased their ticket for one of the suspended services may request a refund of the amount of their ticket or, if the possibility exists, they may be relocated to the services that are being maintained. 

If you need further information you can contact us by email to (, by telephone (982 29 29 00) or thought social networks (FacebookTwitter Instagram).