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New urban transport network in Alcalá

The new urban transport network in Alcalá de Henares will start working next 21st February after remodeling bus lines.

Two new circular lines, 1A and 1B, that replace the old one line 1 which will help to improve the connection with hospitals, schools, industrial parks and interest points of the city. This is a way of avoiding transfer and to be completely connected with the city.

On the other hand, line 4 disappears to become part of line 7, so you can go from the Ensanche to the Cementerio without transfer and extended hours. Line 12 also disappears to become part of line 2, which has the same route.

Besides, night bus service will be renewed to offer services every 1:20 minutes in lines 1A and 1B, and every hour in lines L10 and L11. These services will start running from 0:30 to 4:30 in the early hours.

The aim of this new arrangement is to reduce time when travelling, improve the mobility between neighbourhood and the center of the city, as well as the connection with health centers and the train station La Garena.

Urban services in Alcalá de Henares remain as follows:

 Line 1A: Circular Alcalá de Henares

 Line 1B: Circular Alcalá de Henares

 Line 2: Vía Complutense Centro – Hospital / Universidad

• Line 3: Cuatro Caños – Hospital / Universidad - Espartales

• Line 5: Plaza de la Paz – Nueva Rinconada

• Line 6: Barrio del Pilar – Virgen del Val

• Line 7: Ensanche Norte – Nueva Alcalá / Cementerio Jardín

• Line 8: Plaza de la Paz – Virgen del Val

• Line 9: Estación Alcalá de Henares – El Olivar / Polígono Camporroso

 Line 10: Vía Complutense – Espartales Norte

• Line 11: La Garena – Estación Alcalá Universidad

Timetables are available on the following link.

If you need further information you can contact us by email (, by telephone (918 880 021 / 010) or thought social networks (FacebookTwitterG+ e Instagram).