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Special bus services during Christmas

Urban services operated by Monbus will suffer modifications during Christmas.

On 24th urban services of Lugo will finish one hour earlier as usual, with the exception of lines 14, 14A and 14B which will run at the same times to Hospital Lucus Augusti (HULA).

On the other hand, urban services in Talavera will operate with the same timetable and route as Saturdays from 24th of December until 6th January.

Last services in Talavera de la Reina will be as detailed below:

• LINE 1: 20:15 (*last service from Patrocinio at 19:45h)

• LINE 3:19:50h

• LINE 4:19:39h

• LINE 5:19:20h

• LINE 6:20:17h (to Puerta de Cuartos).

• LINE 9:19:57h (to Puerta de Cuartos)

Finally, on the 25th and the 1st of January services will operate as Sundays and Bank holidays.

Last services in Alcalá de Henares for the 24th and 31st will be as detailed below:

• LINE 1: last service from Campo del Ángel at 20:30h

• LINE 2: last service from Hopital at 20:56h

• LINE 3: last service from Espartales at 20:48h

• LINE 5: last service from  CC La Dehesa at 20:32h

• LINE 6: last service from Paseo del Val at 20:42h

• LINE 7: last service from Nueva Alcalá at 20:36h

• LINE 8: last service from Campo del Ángel at 21:10h

• LINE 9: last service from Camporroso at 21:00h

• LINE 10: last service from Vía Complutense at 20:45h

• LINE 11: last service from  Puerta del Universo at 21:08h

• LINE 12: last service from Via Complutense at 20:46h

On the other hand, different lines will start to operate on the 25th and 1st January as detailed below:

• LINE 1: first service from Barrio del Pilar at 08:50h

• LINE 2: first service from Vía Complutense at 08:50h

• LINE 3: first service from Espartales at 08:50h

• LINE 5: first service from CC La Dehesa at 09:06h

• LINE 6: first service from Paseo del Val at 9:00h

• LINE 7: first service from  El Ensanche at 08:49h

• LINE 8: first service from Campo del Ángel at 09:04h

• LINE 9: first service from Plaza de la Estación at 09:00h

• LINE 10: first service from Vía Complutense at 09:00h

• LINE 11: first service from Puerta del Universo at  09:00h

If you need further information you can contact us by email to, by telephone at 982 29 29 00 or through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, G+ e Instagram).