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The Monbus Obradoiro wins in Gran Canaria

The Monbus Obradoiro already has in its possession the second victory of the season after winning the Herbalife Gran Canaria (92-93). The Obradoiro team did not give up at any time and ended achieving a deserved victory against one of the best teams in the competition.

The first part was for Monbus Obradoiro. With Kostas Vasileiadis inspired by the triple, those of Moncho Fernández soon took the lead. In a moment of inspiration, the locals still had time to react and cut distances at the end of the first quarter (21-22).

The good feelings in the game were countersigned in the second quarter. The Monbus Obradoiro beat with his defense the Herbalife Gran Canaria which only was able to score nine points in this quarter. The outside shot did the rest to leave with a comfortable advantage at halftime (30-45).

However, after the interval the local team came out willing to turn the game and based on success in the shot quickly managed to neutralize the visitor advantage. In spite of everything, Monbus Obradoiro remained in the match and did not stop fighting at any time (60-55).

The start of the last quarter was frantic. The Obradoriro Monbus came out overwhelming and in a few minutes managed a partial 0-13 that seemed to track the game. The Herbalife Gran Canaria, meanwhile, clung to the triple to continue fighting for the victory. With the match more tense than ever, a basket by Clevin Hannah put the Canarian team ahead, but two free throws from David Navarro sent the match to overtime (82-82).

The extra time was a succession of successes from the three-point line. The game was maintained at all times in the same intensity and equality until the decisive moment. After a foul, Pepe Pozas scored the two free throws putting Monbus Obradoiro ahead. There was one last possession for the Canaries and Clevin Hannah rolled the dice. The American base did not have the appearance of the star Vladimir Brodziansky who masterfully cut his attempt to score.

The blocked shot of the Slovak pivot certified the victory and the joy overflowed in the players of a Monbus Obradoiro that, after several seasons without obtaining it, got a victory in a prestigious field and with a team that this season will debut in Euroleague.