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Timetables changes for Easter Week

Easter Week is coming! It’s time to relax and enjoy your deserved holidays. If you are going to travel with Monbus you should take into account that some services will be affected due to Easter holidays.

Vibasa will increase services from Galicia in order to offer daily services to different destinations available.

In Galicia Monbus will operate a holiday timetable on 29th and 30th March. On the other hand, we would like to remind passengers that services that only work on school days won’t operate during Easter week.

Mediterranean Area

In Catalonia Monbus will operate a holiday timetable on 30th and  2nd April.

On the 29th in Valencia services will run as normal, except:

• Albacete - Requena (08:45h and 16:45h)

• Requena - Albacete (10:45h)

• Requena - Casa Ibañez (18:45)

Friday 30th there won’t be bus services and Sunday 1st will operate only the following services:

• Valencia - Tomelloso (depart 09:30h, return 15:15h)

• Valencia - Cuenca (depart 11:45h, return 16:30h)

Services will run as normal 2nd April, except the bus route Ayora - Requena - Valencia that will leave at 17:15 and then, a return service at 19:45.

Castile - La Mancha

On 29th and 30 March there will the following services from Albacete:

• Albacete - Villarrobledo (departs at 6:00h and 18:00h; return services 8:00h and 20:00h)

• Albacete - Hellín (departs at 6:40h, 13:10h y 20:40h; return services 8:30h, 13:10h y 22:10h)

• Albacete - Cuenca (leaves at 18:15h)

On Thursday there will be a bus service between Villanueva de los Infantes - Albacete - Valencia (stop bus at Albacete at 10:10) and between Albacete - Valencia at 13:30 and at 16:45 if you need to come back.

Finally, departures from Cuenca to Valencia at 8:30 on Thursday and another one to Albacete at 16:15 (only available for Friday).