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The people from Lugo, very satisfied with the urban transport of the city

The Federation of Neighbourhood Associations of Lugo has carried out a survey, conducted by the company Temosnet Consulting, in order to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the users with the urban transport service of the city, offered by Monbus.The sense among the users surveyed is one of satisfaction, scoring the urban transport service with 7,23 out of 10. The factors that are most highly­valued by the passengers are the friendliness of the drivers and the cleanliness of the buses, as well as the temperature and the furniture of the same.

The data of this questionnaire show that 75% of those surveyed are regular users of the urban transport of Lugo. Of these, almost 60% use this service to travel from home to the work or study place and vice versa. With regard to the type of passenger, 43,5% travel with single ticket, against 41,7% which travels with transport voucher, 5% of them are pensioners or elderly people and 4,3% of them are university students.

The lines most used by the neighbours of Lugo within the urban transport offer are the line 7, which does the route between As Gandaras and the University Campus; the line 9A which connects the Industrial Park of O Ceao with Rei Square and San Roque and the line 1, that goes across the city, leaving from the University Campus to A Piringalla

To carry out this survey, conducted in April 2014, Temosnet Consulting has carried out a population ­based sample of 500 people among the inhabitants of the city. The results have been made public the second week of July 2014, coinciding with a survey of the INE which shows that the use of the bus has been increased in Galicia a 2,2% with respect to 2013.