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More bus services during San Froilán

From the 4th to 12 of October San Froilán Festivity will take place in Lugo. In order to make easier transportation within the center of the city, urban services have been increased. Besides, special bus services will connect the center of Lugo with parking areas, authorised by the local government.
Bus routes are the following:

  • Days before holidays (4,7 and 11 October): lines 3A (Acea de Olga – Ramil), 4 (Tolda – Abeja), 6 (Montirón – Residencia – A Cheda) and 7A (Gándaras – Cementerio), will extend its services until 3.
  • Days before holidays and Sundays (5, 8 and 12 de octubre): lines 3AE (Acea de     Olga – Ramil), 4E (Tolda – Abeja), 5E (As Gándaras – Campiña – Cementerio) and 6E (Montirón – Residencia – A Cheda), will extend its services until 2.

Special services will be running the 4, 7 and 11 from 22:00 until 3 and, 5, 8 and 12 from 12 to 2 am. Routes available are:

  • Route I: leaves from Celso Emilio Ferreiro every half hour, at quarter past the hour and then every 45 minutes by Xacinto Calvo, San Roque, Montero Ríos, Fontiñas, Fonte de la Besa (close to Local Police ), carretera de la Granxa, Campos Novos, Afonso X El Sabio, Campo de la Torna, avenida de Magoi, Pintor Corredoira and again Celso Emilio Ferreiro.
  • Route II: leaves from Celso Emilio Ferreiro every half hour, then every 25 and 55 minutes by Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Xacinto Calvo, San Roque, ronda de la Muralla, avenida de A Coruña, Parque de la Milagrosa, Alto de Garabolos, avenida Paulo Fabio Máximo y avda. Infanta Elena (Las Termas), and then by Paulo Fabio Máximo, Alto de Garabolos, avenida de A Coruña, Parque de la Milagrosa, ronda de la Muralla, Puerta de Santiago, República Argentina, Pintor Corredoira to finish in Celso Emilio Ferreiro.