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You will be able to buy tickets for your journey in this web if the online sale is available for this journey. If the online sale is not available for a particular journey and you want to know where you can buy your ticket, you can check our section of routes and points of sale or contact with us through different means. More routes will be incorporated to the online sale very soon but if you are really interested in a certain route to be available send us an email to: indicating us the departure point and destination of the journey or journeys you consider proper.

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Is it possible to transport bicycles, surfboards, skies, musical instruments?

If you want to transport your special luggage (bicycles, surfboards, skis, etc.) on our services remember that:

  • The possibility of transporting this type of objects will be subject to the availability of space inside the vehicle’s boot.
  • The maximum number of units which will be transported per vehicle will be three units but only one unit per passenger will be allowed.
  • You should wrap properly your special baggage in order to avoid damaging or getting dirty the baggage of the rest of the passengers, as well as in order to preserve your own luggage. In the case of bicycles, in addition to wrap them, you should take them with the front wheel removed.
  • You should go to the ticket office at least ten minutes before the estimated time of departure.

If you want to transport your special luggage (bicycles, surfboards, skis, etc.) on our long-haul services you should check them when you buy the ticket, so you will have to pay the special rate indicated during the purchase process in the web page

On the other hand, if you want to transport your special luggage (bicycles, surfboards, skis, etc.) on our short-haul services you must make a reservation through the email or by calling the customer service telephone number +34 900 92 91 92.

In both cases, if at the moment of getting on the busthere is no space in the boot to transport some of these objects, the company will adopt the appropriate measures in order to transport them in the following service with space available and you won’t be entitled to any type of compensation due to this change.

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