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More than seven hundred vehicles among minibuses and buses, which are less than seven years old, include a great part of the services that Monbus offers, running more than fifty million kilometres throughout Spanish geography and abroad every year. The fleet is updated with the last models of the market every year, which allow us to offer a superior quality service.

  • Mercedes Tourismo, Castrosua Stellae and Noge Touring of Monbus
  • Mercedes Castrosua Stellae bus of Monbus
  • SETRA bus ComfortClass 500 of Monbus

  • Noge Touring HD bus of Monbus up to 30 seats of Monbus
  • Noge Touring HD Minibus of Monbus on the Coast of Lugo
  • Noge Touring HD Minibus of Monbus on the

Half - low capacity minibuses

If you travel with a small group, you will perhaps be interested in a small vehicle of 9 metres (30 feet) of length by means of which you can drive easily in short distances.

  • Noge Touring HD bus of Monbus
  • SETRA bus ComfortClass 500 of Monbus
  • Mercedes Tourismo bus of Monbus

Standard capacity buses

Monbus offers you a wide range of buses of up to 13 metres (43 feet) of length, which have been thought for long distance travels in the most secure and comfortable way.

  • Mercedes Castrosua Stellae bus of Monbus
  • Double- decler SETRA S431 DT bus of Monbus
  • Mercedes Irizar i6 15m bus of Monbus

High capacity buses

We offer you vehicles of three axles and 15 metres (49 feet) of length for a maximum of 69 passengers and sophisticated buses of two floors with a capacity of up to 89 seats too. This kind of vehicles are energetically more efficient and as a consequence of this more friendly with the environment, thanks to the contribution to the decrease of damaging gases and sound level emission.

Security and comfort

Every Monbus buses are equipped with the most developed security and comfort systems, in order to make your trip a really pleasant experience.


  • Bus of Monbus equipped with the maximum security measures
  • Anti lock braking system (ABS)
  • Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
  • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
  • Anti-overturn integral system
  • Hydraulic brake (Intarder)
  • Safety belt in each seat
  • Double glazing windows
  • Automatic speed control (Tempomat)
  • Electric heated rear mirrors
  • Rear view camera
  • Bixenon lighting headlamps


  • Wide WC Toilets and comfort on the buses of Monbus
  • Anatomic reclining chairs
  • Rising and lowering body for a better access (Level)
  • Footrest
  • Magazine rack
  • Air conditioning
  • Individual air conditioning
  • Up to 22” inches flat screens TV LED
  • Connection to USB in cabin
  • Fridge
  • WC Toilets


  • Free WI-FI connection on the bus in order to connecting to the Internet

During the trip you will be able to connect to the wireless internet by means of your portable PC, smartphone or tablet. It is completely free. Nowadays, Wi-Fi Technology has been installed in more than 50% of vehicles of the Monbus fleet for the enjoyment of passengers and this offer will be extended to an important number of other buses as soon as possible.

* Equipment available in vehicles intended for Private Services with a capacity of more than 30 seats. Some of these elements are subject to availability according to the type of vehicle.


  • Wide space between seats Confort Plus for more comfort
  • Reclining seats of the Castrosua Stellae bus of Monbus
  • Confort Plus Seat Superior quality chairs and more space among them to travel with an extra of comfort.
  • Wide recline and space between the Excellence seats
  • Luxury seats for the bus model SETRA of Monbus
  • Excellence Seat Luxury seats and a wide space among chairs in order to be able to recline them. An experience of travel close to excellence.
  • Adapted servicees for Reduced Mobility Passengers (PMR)
  • PLM accessibility Monbus carries out important efforts to provide a service of public transportation adapted to all citizens. Nowadays, one out of two Monbus buses is perfectly accessible for People with Limited Mobility (PLM), because they have mechanised access ramps and spaces especially designed for this kind of needs. Our objective is to facilitate the entry and subsequent evacuation of vehicles for any person who has to use a wheelchair, for the elderly, users of crutches or canes and in general for any person with some type of physical, intellectual or sensory disability, or with limited understanding.
  • Individual plugs in order to conect the smartphone on the bus
  • Individual socket and USB If you carry a portable PC, smartphone or tablet, you will be able to surf the internet or to go on working and your battery will never go flat during the trip. That is one of the extra elements that users prefer.
  • Installable Gaming and meeting tables for the occasional service
  • Meeting tables Ask for one or several tables if you are looking for entertainment and enjoyment with friends, or perhaps to organise a business meeting on road. This option is only available for private transport services.
  • Entertainment on board thanks to individuals screens
  • Entertainment on board Monbus, in collaboration with Vibasa, will offer passengers free access to multimedia contents (films, TV series, music, internet, plays) thanks to touch screens available at front rows or from your own device (smartphones, laptop, tablets) if you select back seats. Say bye to long journeys!
  • LED lighting for individual reading and air conditioner
  • Interior LED lighting for individual reading With this system of “cold light”, the emission of heat is minimised, which makes possible for you to enjoy reading a magazine or a novel for as long as you wish.
  • Collapsible tables on the back of the front seats
  • Reclining tray tables at the back of the chair They will be very useful for you to place your electronic device as well as a bottle of water, a soft drink or whatever you need.
  • Greater protection and privacy with the privacy extra tinted glasses
  • Extra-tinted privacy windows You will achieve a better protection against rays of sunlight as well as an extra of privacy for your group trips.
These specifications include a representative sample of the general characteristics of the vehicles of our fleet and in no case have a contractual value.