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Bus regional routes in Catalonia

  • Maximun Barcelona

Monbus offers multiple bus public transport services by means of regional routes that connect towns located within Catalonia and beyond the limits of the metropolitan areas of Barcelona and Tarragona.

All the public transport services which are integrated into the Generalitat of Catalonia Transport System can be checked through the official web Mou-te.

Main routes and destinations of interest

The regional services among the different regions of Catalonia our company manages are outside the metropolitan transport areas and so they are not integrated into their tariff regime. Nevertheless, the journey Manresa - Barcelona does belong to the ATM integrated tariff system. Next, we detail you a representative sample of our most relevant destinations and regional routes.

Corridors of L'Anoia and Baix Llobregat Main routes to Igualada and Barcelona from:

Guissona Guimerá Calaf Torregrossa Valls

Corridors of L'Alt Camp and Baix Camp Main routes to Reus, Tarragona and Barcelona from:

Villafranca Reus Igualada Santa Coloma de Queralt

Corridors of Baix Camp, La Terra Alta and Andorra Main routes to Andorra, Tarragona, Salou and Port-Aventura from:

Reus Batea Igualada Manresa

Journey Manresa - Barcelona Journeys with destination Barcelona from:

Manresa Olesa
Olesa - Barcelona

More information on the journey Manresa -Barcelona

  • Hispano Igualadina

Transport to Reus Airport

Check the connections with the Airport of Reus and discover the bus schedules coincident with the arrivals or departures of the flight you are interested in. La Hispano Igualadina offers regularly scheduled expeditions from Barcelona and Tarragona.

Line 86 / Line 87

If you want you can download a pdf with La Hispano Igualadina Bus schedules in order to arrive at the airport:

Routes and fares

La Hispano Igualadina connects the Airport of Reus with important towns of Catalonia such as the city of Barcelona and Tarragona.

Check in our interactive map all the bus connections with the Airport of Reus from Barcelona and with to Barcelona. You can also get information about the schedules and fares of the routes Airport of Reus - Tarragona and Tarragona - Airport of Reus.

With Monbus you can travel to many more destinations of Catalonia you may be interested in. Check all the offer of road passenger regular transport services of Monbus in Catalonia in the interactive map.