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Our Internal Policy is about one basic goal: the satisfaction of ours customers. The continuous improvement of the security, quality and sustainability is part of our everyday.

The satisfaction of our customers, the protection of the environment and the security are our main goal, as well as the continuous evolution. All companies have, at least, eight important standardised certifications which guarantee the adequate management of the company and also all services offered:

Security Standars

  • OSHAS 18001: Security and health at work

    Oshas 18001 is considered the most internationally recognised standard of Security and Health Management Systems at Work. It specifies the requirements for the implementation of a system which allows processing the information about security and health risks at work efficiently, as well as the applicable legal requirements.

    All the companies associated to Monbus have as an essential aim the prevention of the health damages of our staff, widening the commitment of security to our clients and to all users of the public road.

  • CSEAA: Bus Companies Security Certification

    CSEAA is a Bus Companies Security Certification System based on a methodology developed and ratified by Vehicle Investigation University Institute (INSIA). The model analises those aspects which define security by means of a group of indicators (for example: choice and training of drivers, characteristics of vehicles, supervision and maintenance, security on the way, etc).

    By means of this tool, Vibasa assesses and quantifies the level of security according to the criteria established in the regulation, and it establishes objectives with the aim of improving continuously the security of its clients as well as of all the users who use the public road.

  • UNE-ISO 39001: Road Safety

    Promoted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and it specifies the requirements for a safety management system to reduce deaths and serious injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

    All companies joining Monbus have the same goal in order to achieve “zero accidents” through development and application of an adequate road-safety policy, as well as, the fulfilment of objectives and action plans which take into account legal requirements.

  • UNE 170001-2: Accessibility Management

    Universal Accessibility Standard (UNE 170001-2) aims to guarantee equal opportunities for everyone, regardless their physical condition. Certified companies should meet minimum accessibility requirements and they have to work on measures to improve the accessibility of its services.

    MONBUS group obeys current legislation focused on Accessibility in transport and they have an improvement plan which includes specific measures and deadline to achieve them. The final objective is an accessible transport for all publics, whatever their level of mobility or type of disability

  • UNE-ISO 22320: Emergency Management

    The UNE-ISO 22320:2013 includes the best global practises to establish organizational processes, under a command and control structure; decision support; the information management and cooperation in an organization that have to give answers in emergency situations, ensuring protection and security to staff at any time.

    Monbus group is committed to give a rapid and effective response in emergency situations in order to reduce the impact of the incident. Besides, they will help organizations involved in the response to work optimally.

Quality Standars

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001: Quality Management

    It is promoted by the International Organisation for Standarisation (ISO) and nowadays it is accepted as the most solid quality framework in the world, used by almost one hundred and thousand organisations.

    Under the requirements of the regulation UNE-EN ISO 9001, all the companies associated to Monbus direct their actions to increase the satisfaction of the client, motivate and train continuously those people involved in our organisation and in general, convert the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the service into a constant objective.

  • UNE-EN 13816: Tourist Transportation Quality Management

    This regulation has been thought to give an answer to the specific difficulties of quality in tourist transportation services and its aim is to improve the degree of satisfaction of the passenger.

    Quality commitments should cover eight areas: time, comfort, information, accessibility, security, services offered, customer service and environment impact.

    All the companies associated to Monbus have as an essential aim to fulfil the established quality commitments.

  • UNE 93200: Service Offer

    Service Offers are the tool most used by private companies to inform their clients about the services they offer and the commitments they make in their offer. The accomplishment of the Regulation UNE 93200, makes sure that Service Offers don’t become mere purpose statements, forgetting their real meaning: to make quality commitments capable of satisfying users’ expectations.

    The Service Offer is the tool by means of which, in a simple way, we inform our clients about the quality standards the company has committed to fulfil in the service offers, setting the framework for the establishment of objectives of continuous improvement.

    Throught our services charter (VIBASA, 88 Line) and its certification, we show our committment to customers.

Environment Rules

  • UNE-EN ISO 14064-1: Greenhouse Gases

    ISO 14064 is an international standard through which greenhouse gases reports are checked voluntarily. Monbus has chosen this methodology because of its international nature which allows to unify the calculation and improve the benchmarking. Besides, this system includes a corporate approach of Greenhouse Gas Protocol (developed by World Resources Institute(WRI) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

    All companies joining Monbus determine their greenhouse gases emissions multiplying activity data by the emission factors (GEI) obtained from official and specific sources for each category.

  • UNE-ISO 50001: Energy Management

    Promoted by ISO, it specifies necessary processes to improve energy efficiency.

    All companies joining Monbus have as its main goal the compliance of requirements related to energy consumption and use, including the measurement, the documentation and information of the correct energy use, as well as, the application of good practises to design and purchase computers and systems.

  • UNE-EN ISO 14001: Environmental Management

    It is promoted by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and it details the requirements for the implementation of an Environmental Management System, supporting environmental protection and contamination prevention, taking into account the socioeconomic necessities of the organisation.

    All the companies associated to Monbus work to offer their clients the option of services every day more friendly to the environment and to promote recycling activities, waste recycling and the reduction as well as the optimisation of resource consumption.

    Recently one of our companies has achieved a new recognition: the Environment Quality Label granted by Directorate-General for Environmental Quality of the Territorial and Sustainability Department of the “Generalitat of Catalunya”.

  • EA 0050: Efficient Driving

    The EA 0050 guides industrial vehicles companies to establish control systems, monitoring and analysis of the efficient driving, training plans, fuel management and incentive programs, among others.

    Four companies of MONBUS group has achieved this certification which confirms the correct evaluation of driver competence and a proper internal management.

    Thanks to FLOTASNET system the company has establish an action plan to improve driver competence, driving professionalization and fuel saving.

  • Stamp Calculo + Reduzco

    It’s a stamp owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) that allows organizations to demonstrate their participation in the National Carbon Footprint Registry and, in the same way, recognizes the degree of effort undertaken by them in the fight against climate change.

    A total of 14 companies affiliated to Monbus have this recognition that proves the reduction of emissions. After calculating the carbon footprint, the validation of these calculations by MAPAMA allows obtaining the stamp that reflects this effort (CALCULO). After that, the positive assessment that the reduction commitments have been made adds a new status to the stamp (REDUZCO).

Corporate social responsibility standards

  • IQNet DR 10 Social Responsibility Management System

    IQNet DR 10 is an international standard which establishes the requirements of a social responsibility management system for organizations undertaking to the principles and recommendations about sustainable development and social responsibility and, in particular, which are included in the International Standard ISO 26000.

    Hasta 20 empresas adheridas a MONBUS, han afianzado este compromiso, incluyendo en su Política los principios de la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial. A partir de este punto, continuamos trabajando en la promoción de sus principios, y en la integración total de la sostenibilidad y la responsabilidad social en toda la organización.