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University New Year’s Eve

University New Year’s Eve was originated a short time ago, when a group of students decided to meet up under Mayor Square’s Clock in order to eat twelve sweets, instead of the twelve grapes and say goodbye all together to the year before coming back their homes at Christmas.

Along the years, the friends’ meeting has become an arranged “fieston”, symbol of the Salamancan party, which meets lots of students and youths from all the corners of the country and abroad. It usually takes place the last week of the academic year in December, before Christmas Holidays, and it is usually on Thursday, day par excellence of the university party.

The organizing company, together with different university groups as well as with the restaurants’ owners associated to the event, propose a route for the Salamancan discos to celebrate this so special New Year’s Eve up to the dawn.

The city council that supports this event, increase the security and cleaning services during this day.

Are you going to miss it?

If you want to celebrate the University New Year's Eve you can travel to Salamanca from different cities like Zaragoza, Aranda del Duero, Lleida, Soria, Barcelona, etc. Do you want to travel with your friends, relatives or colleagues? We offer you occasional transport services if you want to organise a trip by yourself or you can also rent a car thanks to our car rental services.